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Syngenta Poinsettias

Syngenta Flowers is proud to introduce our 2017 poinsettia program. Built upon a tradition of excellence in breeding and production, we continue to innovate and bring new genetics to the market that will help our growers be successful in their production.

In an ever-changing market where specialized grower and consumer characteristics often become the deciding factor for variety selection, Syngenta offers a range of improvements relevant for growers and consumers – characteristics like easy-to-produce, heat-tolerant, easy-to-sleeve, high-density production, strong stems, longer keeping quality, and more cyathia. In a market where poinsettias need to be produced in a variety of sizes and climates, this enables growers to have the optimal production performance and exceptional retail quality.

Our assortment is growing, and we are pleased to have several of our varieties recognized as award winners by the prestigious LTO* Dutch poinsettia trials where varieties are compared for their commercial value based on their growing characteristics and quality, particularly in terms of shelf-life.

Our new catalog features a comprehensive poinsettia technical chart and cultural information to better help you in the selection of the right varieties to maximize your production needs. We continue to offer the industry the best in technical support to ensure you are successful. We want to thank you for your continued support and trust in us.