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Choose The Right Heat Tolerant Poinsettia for the South


High temperatures during poinsettia production can cause heat stress which increases crop time, reduces uniformity, and delays shipping of your crop. In locations where heat delay is a problem, it is important to choose the most heat tolerant varieties, so your crop finishes evenly and on schedule.

Read below to see our top heat tolerant varieties for the southern U.S. Our recommendations are backed by data from in-house and grower trialing to ensure you have the best varieties for warm climates.

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Trial Results Spotlight

  • Orion Early Red had no flowering delay after being grown at 82 °F (28 °C) day/night temperatures during the flower induction period.
  • In contrast, flowering of Allegra Early Red was delayed by 11 days.
  • The excellent performance of Orion Early Red under high temperature demonstrates why this variety can be grown reliably in all regions including the South and Deep South.


Poinsettia Heat Tolerance: Orion Early Red and Allegra Early Red


Trial Details: Gilroy, CA July – Oct 2020. Plants were grown under 10-hour short days at two different temperature regimes for 2.5 weeks: 75/68 °F or 82/82 °F. Following the temperature treatments, all plants were grown under the same climate until finish (75/68 °F day/night and 10 hrs). Photos taken 9 weeks after transplant and 4 weeks after temperature treatments ended. The heat delay screening protocol was adapted from research by Dr. Jim Faust at Clemson University.

Top Red Poinsettias for the South

1Aries™ RedBeekenkamp
2Desiderio™ RedLazzeri
3Mars™ Early RedSyngenta Flowers
4Orion™ Early RedSyngenta Flowers
5Red Elf™Syngenta Flowers
6Robyn™ RedBeekenkamp
7Serena™ RedLazzeri
8Toro™ RedSyngenta Flowers


Top Novelty Poinsettias for the South

1Biancaneve™ WhiteLazzeri
2Maren™ PinkSyngenta Flowers
3Marblestar™Syngenta Flowers
4Robyn™ PinkBeekenkamp
5Whitestar™Syngenta Flowers