Imara XDR Impatiens | Take Back the Shade!

Imara® XDR:
Take Back the Shade!

  • The first Impatiens walleriana with a high degree of resistance to downy mildew.*
  • Proven landscape performance that fights back with reliable flowering all season long.
  • Easy and economical to produce, with a compact branching habit ideal for high-density growing in packs and pots.
  • A complete range of core and novelty colors in one disease resistant series.

*Confirmed in independent trials in North America and Europe including trials in 2017 and 2018 at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center.

Imara® XDR against Non-Resistant Competitor Varieties

Garden setting with NO fungicides applied to any varieties.

Imara XDR versus a leading non-resistant competitor (orange, white, violet)

XDR: What Does It Mean?

  • Best in class genetic performance under disease pressure.
  • Rigorous, controlled testing for disease resistance in laboratory and field settings.
  • Independent verification of testing and results by established authorities in the field.
Comparison photo of Imara XDR Red versus Existing Competitor Red Variety at Vero Beach, Florida, 2018.

Behind the Breeding

Maximize Your Imara® XDR Impatiens with Segovis® fungicide

Fungicide rotation is a vital part of all Impatiens walleriana production and resistance management. Imara® XDR impatiens plus market-leading fungicides from Syngenta will boost plant quality and garden longevity.

Segovis fungicide