Kwik Kombos

Success Without the Guesswork!

Kwik Kombos™ gives you color for every season with options for single-species and multi-species combinations. This provides simplicity in the greenhouse and excitement at retail. Select from this ready-made retail program, tested and selected for matching uniformity and longevity so you can be sure your combo makes customers say “I am a gardener.”

Kwik Kombos™ pulls from a wide selection of top-performing Syngenta Flowers genetics that makes growing plants and profits easy.

2022–2023 New Kwik Kombos™ Mixes

Kwik Kombos Dekko Dare Devil Mix

Dekko™ Dare Devil™ Mix

Early Season
Kwik Kombos Lemon Chiffon Mix

Lemon Chiffon Mix

Mid Season
Kwik Kombos Island in the Sun Mix

Island in the Sun™ Mix

Mid Season
Kwik Kombos Itsy Bitsy Mix

Itsy Bitsy™ Mix

Mid Season
Kwik Kombos Beach Breeze Mix

Beach Breeze™ Mix

Late Season

Discover Your Matching Combination by Season

Early Season Kwik Kombos™

Early Season Kwik Kombos™

Tour our early season Kwik Kombos.

Mid Season Kwik Kombos™

Mid Season Kwik Kombos™

Discover mid season Kwik Kombos.

Late Season Kwik Kombos™

Late Season Kwik Kombos™

Explore our late season Kwik Kombos varieties.