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New 2021 Poinsettia Catalog is Available Now


2021 Syngenta Flowers & Beekenkamp Poinsettias | NA

Syngenta Flowers and Beekenkamp Plants are excited to announce their new and updated 2021 Poinsettia Catalog, also featuring four new varieties from Lazzeri. This newly released catalog is updated with further information on top varieties by region—North and Mid, South, and Deep South to enable growers to select the best Red and Novelty varieties that fit their needs. 

These are seven new Poinsettia varieties for 2021:

VarietyBreederBlackcloth Response Week
Robyn™ PinkBeekenkamp7
Biancaneve™ WhiteLazzeri7.5–8
Superba™ MarbleLazzeri8
Superba™ PinkLazzeri8
Superba™ WhiteLazzeri8
Toro™ RedSyngenta Flowers8
Virgo™ WhiteBeekenkamp8–8.5

Download our NEW 2021 Poinsettia Catalog:

2021 Syngenta Flowers & Beekenkamp Poinsettia Catalog

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