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Lyra and Mirage: New Poinsettias for 2017


Built upon a tradition of excellence in breeding and production, we continue to innovate and bring new genetics to the market that will help our growers be successful in their production.

Syngenta offers a range of improvements relevant for growers and consumers – characteristics like easy-to-produce, heat-tolerant, easy-to-sleeve, high-density production, strong stems, longer keeping quality, and more cyathia. In a market where poinsettias need to be produced in a variety of sizes and climates, this enables growers to have the optimal production performance and exceptional retail quality.

2018 New Varieties

Lyra™ Red

This medium vigor variety works in all containers sizes from 4 inch to 10 inch programs and flowers naturally from November 21 to 28.  It has very good heat tolerance and does not exhibit dominate side shoot and performs well under all growing conditions.

Mirage™ Red

This medium vigor variety is recommended for 4 inch to 8 inch container sizes and naturally flower from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2nd.  Bract color looks good under low and high light conditions and is great for high density production.