Simplify production with Cutting Time™ Callused Cuttings


From the pioneers of the callused cutting, Syngenta Flowers introduces the Cutting Time™ program. Nobody knows callused cuttings better than we do, and the Cutting Time™ program marks a major expansion of our vegetative offer.

Developed and supported by our Supply Chain and Customer Solutions teams, the Cutting Time™ program offers unique value to growers:

  • Quicker turns: Reduce crop time by an average of two-to-three weeks
  • Simplified production: Easier to handle and require little-to-no special propagation equipment
  • Strong to the finish: Promote strong branching for a fuller finish with less reliance on plant growth regulators
  • Reliable quality: All species in the Cutting Time™ program have been extensively trialed end-to-end from callus uniformity at the production farm through direct-stick quart finished production

The Cutting Time™ program from Syngenta Flowers delivers a reliable, uniform and profitable product. Cutting Time™ cuttings require less bench space and reduce propagation risks and losses, resulting in robust, uniform plants in less time than vegetative material grown with traditional production methods.

The Cutting Time™ program spans a broad range of series, including several traditionally difficult-to-propagate species:

  • Dipladenia Madinia™
  • Gaillardia Sunrita® 
  • Geranium – All Series
  • Heliotrope Scentropia™ 
  • Lantana Bandana® – All Series
  • Osteospermum Tradewinds®
  • Pentas – All Series
  • Poinsettia – All Series
  • Scaevola Bombay®
  • Vinca Nirvana® Cascade