What's New: Garden Mums for 2018-2019 Season


The Yoder® brand of Chrysanthemums is recognized for innovation. Built upon a tradition of excellence in breeding and production, it continues to be regarded by growers, retailers, and consumers as best in class. Today, Syngenta Flowers prides itself in supporting the industry and its growers with a complete clean stock program, vibrant assortment, the best technical support, and strong grower partnerships to ensure our reputation continues as a consistent and trusted supplier.

Our program is focused and built upon making North American growers successful. From our ever-growing assortment of high performance families, to exciting new individual varieties, we continue to innovate and bring new choices to complete your programs.

Our assortment of pot mums will excite retailers and consumers. The novel colors and flower forms provide you with many options for weekly and special event programs.

What's New?

Beverly™ Dark Bronze

This early-mid response new introduction expands the Beverly family to three colors which will make a great fall tonal combination. Works well across all in natural season and blackcloth programs in containers sizes 1.25qt to large patio containers. Can work in programs with the Chelsey and Danielle families.

Nikki™ Family – (2 New Colors)

  • Nikki Bronze
  • Nikki Pink Bicolor



A garden mum family that flowers for late season and has proven frost tolerance.  Color additions allow for great tri-color combinations for 3.0 qt and larger containers. Opportunity for both black-cloth and natural season crops.  Nikki Bronze has better color for the heat than Nikki Orange.  Nikki Pink Bicolor will have more bicolor effect when finished warmer.

Brooke™ Dark Pink

This mid-season daisy flower form introduction can be flowered in blackcloth along with Hankie Yellow, Edana Red and Vanna Snow.  Ideally suited for container sizes 1.25 qt to large patio containers.

Hilda™ White

This mid-season larger than average flower can have semi-quill tips when fully open.  Recommended for natural season programs and times with the Wilma colors and performs well in 3.0 qt and larger containers.

Mila™ Red

This early-mid-season variety has a natural response between Patty Pomegranate and Christina Red.  Recommend for blackcloth and natural season programs for container sizes 1.25 qt to 3.0 qt.

Jacqueline™ Rose

A great early season Jacqueline family addition which works for both blackcloth and natural season programs.  Jacqueline Rose holds color better in the heat then Jacqueline Peach Fusion and has a bit smaller overall plant.