Cartwheel Strawberry Twist | Gerbera Portfolio
Bring A Smile to Your Customers... and A Boost to Your Bottom Line!

The Syngenta Flowers Gerbera assortment is designed to maximize grower profits with top-performing series to match all production and retail needs.

The Jaguar™, Bengal™, and Cartwheel® series are all tuned for efficient, high-density production in quarts to gallon containers. Elephant™ is an excellent novelty selection with jumbo flowers for large pots in premium programs.

Each series offers the most uniform flower timing, with short stems and controlled plant habits for bench run production and efficient shipping. A wide range of important colors, flower types and sizes create a retail assortment that consumers crave.

Gerbera Portfolio


High impact color right off the rack.


Big and bright.


Maximum efficiency for high density production.


Beautiful shades at every turn.

Gerbera | At-A-Glance Chart