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Begonia Portfolio

Discover solutions for begonia hybrida and begonia tuberhybrida

Cyclamen Portfolio

Discover some of the best genetics in standard, miniature, and intermediate cyclamen

Dahlia Portfolio

Our broad range of vegetative dahlias include award winners like Sincerity Dahlia as

Seed Geranium Portfolio

See 50 years of market-leading F1 hybrid seed geraniums including Pinto Premium

Vegetative Geranium Portfolio

Our range of zonal, ivy, and interspecific geraniums come in a range of vigors and

Gerbera Portfolio

Our award-winning gerberas are perfect for your retail pot program, from the

Impatiens Portfolio

Searching for disease resistance, vibrance, and vigor? Look no further than our

Lantana Portfolio

See our entire assortment of lantana which covers everything from small pots to

Mums Portfolio

Explore our families and collections of Garden Mums, Pot Mums and Asters.

Pansy Portfolio

Programmable yet beautiful, the Syngenta Pansy Portfolio, led by Delta for more than

Petunia Portfolio

Redefining an industry Classic.

Vinca Portfolio

Vinca Portfolio

Stand up to the heat with Vinca, the perfect season-extender and bedding plant for the south. Learn about our disease-resistant line of Cora XDR varieties.