Cyclamen Portfolio

Cyclamen Portfolio

Cyclamen | A legacy of innovation: Driven by excellence.

Starting with the introduction of the first F1 hybrid Cyclamen to the market almost 50 years ago, Syngenta Flowers continues a long tradition of innovation in this important global product.

The acquisition of the Varinova Cyclamen business in 2019 was one additional step in securing a strong pipeline for the future. Growers and retailers can now choose from one of the broadest Cyclamen assortments in the market, offering different plant, flower and leaf types, adapted to their specific seasonal and production needs.

At Syngenta Flowers, we understand the highly technical requirements growers have for Cyclamen; but we’ll also never forget the beauty of each plant that drives consumer demand for this timeless crop.

Standard Cyclamen Portfolio

Fleur En Vougue

Fleur en Vogue™

Novelty umbrella-shaped flowers. High-quality, vigorous plants.



Novelty fringed flowers. Very early flowering

Maxora Fringed

Maxora Fringed™

Uniformly high quality fringed flowers on vigorous plants.



Vigorous pot fill. Easy to grow under low light and temperatures. Large, high-quality

Sierra™ Synchro

Sierra™ Synchro

Early, uniform flowering, programable production with high-quality plants and flowers

Snowridge Maxi

Snowridge™ Maxi

Bicolor blooms with strong weather tolerance.

Winter Ice

Winter Ice™

Striking foliage and flower contrast. Ideal for holiday sales.

Intermediate Cyclamen Portfolio

Laser Synchro

Laser™ Synchro

Earliest flowering intermediate. Highly programmable. Perfect for landscape



Compact, mounded plant holds longer. Early and free flowering.



Unique, fringed flowers on mid-size plants that are very efficient to produce.

Snowridge™ Midi

Snowridge™ Midi

Bicolor blooms with strong weather tolerance. Can be programmed with Laser™ Synchro.

Mini Cyclamen Portfolio



Micro type for miniature pots. Very compact and round shape.



Petite, contrasting silver leaves. Very early flowering. Perfect for holiday gift



Botrytis tolerant. Early flowering under low light and temperatures. Versatile for

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