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Impatiens |  A shade-loving garden favorite.

Syngenta Flowers has been an innovator in the Impatiens market for many years, and with the launch of Imara® XDR in 2019, we reinforced our commitment to take back the shade! Traditional varieties, like Accent™ Premium and the more compact Xtreme™ series remain as mainstays of the Syngenta Flowers Impatiens assortment, especially in regions where downy mildew is not a significant disease problem.

However, for growers and retailers who have stopped offering Impatiens due to the risks of downy mildew, Imara® XDR provides a complete range of colors, all with a high degree of resistance to this devastating disease. This game-changing series exemplifies Syngenta’s ongoing mission to provide innovative new products that help solve real problems growers face each day.

IDM Resistant Impatiens Portfolio

Imara® XDR Series

Take Back the Shade!

Proven landscape performance that fights back with reliable flowering all season long. Easy and economical to produce, with a compact branching habit ideal for high-density growing in packs and pots. A complete range of core and novelty colors in one disease-resistant series.

*Confirmed in independent trials in North America and Europe including trials in 2017 and 2018 at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center.

Impatiens Hot! and Tango Mix in the landscape and a cut out image of Imara XDR Mix in a decorative white container. A logo of Imara XDR is overlayed on the bottom right corner.

Traditional Impatiens Portfolio

Accent Premium

Accent™ Premium

When large, high-quality blooms and strong garden vigor matter most.



Broaden the range with more high-demand star pattern colors and unique solid hues.



Semi-double blooms fit for a goddess.


Compact and colorful.

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