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Syngenta Flowers has a long history of the best-selling varieties, industry-leading crop performance, and best-in-class, customized technical support. Our Yoder® Mums have always been associated with easy growing, excellent retail appeal, and exceptional value for the consumer.

Our mums are expertly bred for versatility and outstanding performance throughout North America. Specially crafted and detailed grower resources, like our Grower Success Guides, At-A-Glance tables, and Fresh-All-Fall variety guide, ensure you are supported to make your Garden and Pot Mum programs better than ever before.

New for 2024 Garden Mums


Skylar™ Yellow

Very early natural flowering variety that blooms with or shortly after Tanya™ Yellow


Norah™ White

Very early natural flowering variety that flowers with Shannon™ White and Edith™


Pauline™ Purple

Midseason natural flowering variety with similar timing and longevity as Adriana™


Alexa™ White

Midseason natural flowering variety to replace Addison™ White.


Nadia™ Yellow

Mid to mid-late natural flowering variety that follows nicely after Zelda™ Yellow at

2023 Pot Mums

Artistic® Armin Red

Artistic® Spiderman

Grandview™ Yellow Imp.

Jericho™ Red Bicolor

Navarro™ Bronze