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Pansy | Reliable and Programmable in Any Season

Syngenta Flowers has been the global market leader in pansies for over 20 years, for a good reason. Reliability and programmability for growers, regardless of season, combined with varieties that look great at retail and in the home garden, are hard to beat. Continuous upgrades and additions to the core assortment keep the Syngenta pansy program performing ahead of the competition. With nearly 50% of the Delta™ Premium assortment refreshed over the past six years, it remains newer and more on trend than ever before.

Pansy Portfolio


Heat and humidity, meet Colossus.

Delta™ Premium

Multi-season, one series, no compromises.



Delta pansies ‘do it all – Spring or Fall’ without compromise.

Delta™ Speedy

Color when you need it most.



Look no further for something special.

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The grower’s choice for spring and autumn baskets.

Freefall™ XL

The grower’s choice for spring and autumn baskets.

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