Calliope Large Dark Red flowers placed next to a red, outdoor sofa in a garden setting.

Vegetative Geraniums

Best-in-class breeding that keeps getting better

Syngenta Flowers has a long history of geranium breeding and industry-first innovations. We offer a wide-range of geranium varieties to meet the needs of brokers, growers, retailers, and consumers. From core zonal geraniums like Americana®️ to the best-selling interspecific series—Calliope®️ Medium, we have every solution covered. Learn more how our geranium series compare and select the right ones for your program.

Interspecific Geraniums

Our interspecific geranium include award-winning varieties that cover all container sizes with outstanding color and performance. Within the class, growers rely on market leaders like the original Calliope® Large series including the best-selling Large Dark Red, as well as the versatile Calliope® Medium series, the first and only interspecific geranium bred for small pots—Moxie!™, and the newest dark foliage series with vibrant flowers—Mojo™

Zonal Geraniums

Our zonal geraniums have a long, proven history of garden performance and grower success and continue to be the go-to choice for core geranium programs. Within the zonal class, Tango™ geraniums offer industry-leading varieties bred for high-efficiency growing, Americana® is North America’s No. 1 geranium series bred for medium-sized containers with a wide range of color options, and the Rocky Mountain™ series is big on vigor and impact.

Novelty Geraniums Collection

A collection of premium eye-catching novelties that stand out at retail and are a hit with consumers. Perfect for small to medium-sized pots to add something different to geranium programs. Let your imagination fly and create exciting new combinations that take off.
Exotica™ Coral Sunrise

Exotica™ Coral Sunrise

Rosalie™ Antique Salmon

Rosalie™ Antique Salmon

Starry Pure White

Starry Pure White

Ivy Geraniums

We have two outstanding ivy geraniums for premium, hanging basket programs. Meet Cascade and Ivy League™.

Vegetative Geranium | At-A-Glance Chart

Vegetative Geranium