Cora XDR Series | Vinca Portfolio

Developed to Maximize Quality and Profit

Syngenta Flowers offers the most complete package of bedding vinca on the market. The assortment ranges from our economical, efficiency driven OP pack series, SunStorm®, to our premium F1 hybrid series, Blockbuster™, which boasts excellent plant quality, extra-large flowers and renowned garden performance. Setting the highest bar, Cora® XDR and the newly upgraded Cora® Cascade XDR series offer premium plant and flower quality with market-leading disease resistance. While different in appearance and performance, each Syngenta Flowers vinca series was developed with the same shared passion, to help growers maximize the quality of their finished products and their profits.

Disease Resistant Vinca Portfolio

Cora® Classic

Rockin’ red.

Cora XDR

Cora® XDR

The vinca that fights back.

Cora Cascade XDR Punch

Cora® Cascade XDR

There’s none other like it.

Nirvana Cascade

Nirvana® Cascade

Builds bolder and brighter baskets.

Non-Disease Resistant Vinca Portfolio



Packs a punch!


Puts the heat on.

Seed Vincas | At-A-Glance Chart

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