Potted Plants

Discover Our Indoor Floral Collection: Where Nature Thrives in Living Spaces.

Our exquisite Indoor Floral Potted Plants collection, is a captivating fusion of nature and elegance. Elevate your space with vibrant blooms and lush tropical foliage and succulents, creating a harmonious oasis that breathes life into any room.


Cyclamen Collection

Choose from one of the broadest Cyclamen assortments in the market.


Gerbera Collection

Bring a smile to your customers with our award-winning Gerberas.

Pot Mums

Pot Mums Collection

Add vibrant color and natural beauty to any room."


Hydrangea Collection

Elevating the industry's hottest potted crop with innovative brilliance.

Succulents Program

Succulents and Tropical Foliage Collection

Enchanting succulents, tropical foliage—your oasis awaits.


Lavender Collection

Add a touch of tranquility and natural beauty to your home or garden.

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Tropical Foliage & Succulents