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2023 Raker-Roberta's Trial Gardens

Public Trial

In addition to our extensive sponsored areas (Landscaped beds, rows, large containers and Hanging Baskets) we have exciting things planned for our Comparison areas. 

  • The Michigan Garden Plant Tour will be Monday through Friday from July 24th through August 4th.
  • Our sponsored areas are full of the latest and greatest offerings from our breeder sponsors.
  • This year in our comparison row trials in the sun, we will have Bracteanthea, Ornamental Pepper, Zinnia, Celosia, Grasses, Helianthus dwarf-annual, and Dahlia's. We are also showcasing Pantone's color of the year, Viva Magenta!   
  • In the Shade, we'll have coleus (late flowering).
  • We'll also be showing Patio Vegetables in large containers.
  • In our hanging baskets, we are showing Pot Petunias and also the newest "ready-Made" mixes.
  • in 2022 we introduced our Specialty Cut Flower Trial bed; we are excited to announce for 2023 that we have expanded! New additions include a sponsorship showcase of varieties from top breeders all over the world, the largest Lisianthus comparison trial in the Midwest, and R2's r&d screen for the 2024 Specialty Cut Program. 
  • We are adding to our extensive perennial trials with Phlox paniculata, Helianthus, Rudbeckia fulgida, and Perovskia. These will be in the ground for three years and are in addition to our existing perennial trials.

CONTACT: Emily Wildt, Director of Trials, (517) 542-4501

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