Penn State Summer Trials

Penn State 2022 Summer Trials

Public Trial

See how our varieties perform in the Northeast at the Penn State 2022 Summer Trial Gardens. Our new Zydeco, Bandolista, and Bionic series will be there in addition to many other Syngenta Flowers varieties. 

The Penn State Flower Trial Gardens are living laboratories and garden classrooms for horticulture, plant pathology and entomology. Commercial visitors use the gardens to develop plant lists knowing that varieties have been fully tested in this climate and under standard cultural conditions. Others use the trials for photography, relaxation, inspiration or simply selecting the best plants for their own gardens. The gardens follow Penn State University and CDC guidelines so please check their website for updates or changes in safety protocols and visitation guidelines.

Registration isn’t needed. The trials are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. If you would like a tour please call (717) 270-4391.

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