University of Guelph Trials

University of Guelph Trial Garden Open House

Public Trial

See our latest genetics at the University of Guelph Trial Garden. A large assortment of Syngenta Flowers varieties will be on display including two of our newest series Calliope® Cascade and Bandolista™.

At the trials, Rodger Tschanz from the University of Guelph and his team of researchers apply different stresses to plants to mimic harsh conditions, such as drought or exposure to salt. They’ll try to evaluate why one plant might be prone to disease while another seems resistant. And as the trend for small-space balcony gardens increases, Tschanz is interested to see how perennials perform in containers as opposed to in the landscape. Homeowners, landscape designers, and garden enthusiasts can read the published report of the trial garden results in the fall.

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