Syngenta Flowers Appoints Dr. Alicain Carlson as Head of Marketing - Americas


GILROY, CALIFORNIA, USA January 26, 2024: Syngenta Flowers announces the appointment of Dr. Alicain Carlson as Head of Marketing - Americas. This appointment supports the company's commitment to launching new products backed by technical data and cultivating an innovative portfolio through strategic marketing based on industry needs.

Alicain has been with Syngenta Flowers for over eight years, where she has excelled in multiple technical roles, from supporting data-driven product launches through trialing to generating technical grower resources and managing teams of specialists. As Head of Marketing, Alicain will lead our teams of product managers, technical specialists, and marketing and pricing managers to execute an aligned strategy for developing, supporting, and promoting Syngenta Flowers' innovative portfolio. Alicain will remain a member of the Americas leadership team, contributing to our regional business strategy. 

Alicain Carlson
Dr. Alicain Carlson



"I am eager for this next role to develop our product portfolio and marketing strategy, further leveraging my technical experience and building on relationships in our organization and the industry," says Alicain. "I have enjoyed leading the highest quality technical team in the industry, so the opportunity to expand that responsibility is an honor. I look forward to building a stronger marketing organization in the Americas and globally."



Fellow leadership team members, including Ryan Hall (Head of Americas) and Emily Mason (Global Head of Marketing), have echoed their support.

Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall



"I am excited to see Alicain take this next step in her career. Alicain has continually contributed to Syngenta Flowers' growth in her prior roles. I look forward to her taking the direct lead on crafting Syngenta Flowers’ marketing strategy while continuing to reinforce Syngenta's focus on developing innovative genetics and providing best-in-class technical support."





Emily Mason
Emily Mason



“I greatly respect Alicain's past achievements and am confident this collaboration will bring mutual benefits. Alicain's transition to a strategic role will broaden her professional scope while enriching the team with her experience. I am most excited for Alicain to have increased interaction with our local product management team and her peers in Europe and APAC, with the result being to share her expertise and gain diverse perspectives from different regions."




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