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More Poinsettia-bilities from One Place | See Syngenta Flowers, Beekenkamp, and Lazzeri Varieties


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Document Library Search

Title Product Form Type Published Date Media Link
2020 Summer Trials Review: Hottest New Varieties Seed, Vegetative White Paper 09/16/2020
2020 Summer Trials Review: Hottest New Varieties | Webinar Seed, Vegetative Webinar-on-Demand 09/17/2020
Alyssum North Face™ Seed Culture Sheet 03/03/2020
Angelonia Carita™ Vegetative Culture Sheet 02/20/2020
Angelonia Carita™ Cascade Vegetative Culture Sheet 02/19/2020
Aquilegia Kirigami™ Seed Culture Sheet 05/16/2018
Aquilegia Origami™ Seed Culture Sheet 06/02/2017
Arabis Little Treasure™ Seed Culture Sheet 04/23/2020
Arabis Rose Delight™ Seed Culture Sheet 04/23/2020
Arenaria Winter Vegetative Culture Sheet 04/24/2020
Argyranthemum Sassy® Vegetative Culture Sheet 02/19/2020
Aster (All Aster Series) Vegetative Culture Sheet 06/02/2017
Aster Regional and Shaded Programs Vegetative White Paper 06/02/2017
Asteriscus Aurelia™ Vegetative Culture Sheet 02/19/2020
Aubrieta Audrey™ Seed Culture Sheet 04/24/2020
Aubrieta Axcent™ Vegetative Culture Sheet 04/24/2020
Aubrieta Glacier™ Vegetative Culture Sheet 04/24/2020
AutoStix™ for Syngenta Genetics Vegetative Tech Sheet 07/23/2018
B-Nine® and Florel® PGR Spray in Propagation Vegetative Tech Sheet 01/15/2018
Bacopa Calypso™ Vegetative Culture Sheet 02/20/2020
Begonia Bada Bing®/Bada Boom® Seed Culture Sheet 02/16/2020
Begonia Bada Bing®/Bada Boom® Sell Sheet Seed Sell Sheet 10/28/2020
Begonia Bossa Nova™ Seed Culture Sheet 03/03/2020
Begonia Bossa Nova™ Sell Sheet Seed Sell Sheet 10/28/2020