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2021 Season Field Trials

Poinsettia Trial Results by Location



Each year, Millstadt Young Plants showcases a comparison trial of hundreds of poinsettia varieties from seven different breeders: Beekenkamp, Dummen Orange, Laz

Lucas Greenhouses

Lucas Greenhouses hosts their Second Annual Poinsettia Trial where they displayed hundreds of different poinsettia varieties grown in their 6.5 and 8.5 pots.
University of Florida

University of Florida

See how our top varieties perform at The University of Florida poinsettia trials.


Sawaya hosts their annual poinsettia trial at their Waterford location this year, showcasing more than 100 varieties of poinsettia.

Summer Trial Results by Location

Altman Plants

Altman Plants

Summer Trial Results from the Greenhouse Grower Top Ornamentals Grower at their Peyton, Colorado production and trialing site...
Colorado State University Trial

Colorado State University

Each year, CSU trials over 1,000 different cultivars of annual bedding plants...
Cornell University Trial

Cornell University

The team at Cornell keep the trial garden conditions as close to that of a typical homeowner...
Costa Season Premiere

Costa Season Premiere

This two-acre trial garden located in South Florida displays more than 350 different plant varieties...
Fessler Nursery Trial Site

Fessler Nursery

Fessler Nursery Co. holds their Annual Open House in August and showcases items from Syngenta...
Lucas Greenhouses

Lucas Greenhouses

The 2020 Lucas Greenhouses Summer Trial Gardens features a wide selection of top performers and new varieties...
Mast Young Plants Trial Site

MAST Young Plants

The trial boasts more than 100 genera including at least 150 new additions...
Metrolina Trial

Metrolina Greenhouses

This trial location at Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville, NC screens Syngenta Flowers varieties for the challenges of southeastern...
MSU Trial

Michigan State University

The team at MSU evaluated more than 200 of annuals, perennials, and vegetables...
Penn State Trial

Penn State

The Penn State Flower Trials covers a selection of top performers from the Syngenta Flowers...


The team at Plantpeddler in Cresco, Iowa puts varieties to the test to see which are the "Best of the Midwest"...


The Raker-Roberta's Trial Garden compares a wide range of perennials, container vegetables, and annuals...


The Sawaya Garden trial is the place to go to find the next "it" plant in Canada...
Smith Gardens Trial

Smith Gardens

This year the team reviewed 18 beds, 350 planters and 200 hanging baskets of varieties at their Marysville, Washington facility...
Syngenta Summer Trial Results

Syngenta Summer Trial

Located in the heart of the Central Coast of California, the Syngenta Flowers Summer Trials are held in Gilroy, California.
University of Guelph

University of Guelph

The 1,400 square meter trial garden in Guelph, Ontario gives ample room for commercial growers...
University of Minnesota Morris Trial Results

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Morris trial has existed since the early 1970s and has been an All-American selections display site since 1990.
Welby Gardens Trial Results

Welby Gardens

Welby Gardens trials more than 500 varieties in their trials from breeders around the world.
Young's Plant Farm

Young's Plant Farm

The trial consists of 26,400 square feet of raised beds which include both sun and shade conditions...

Take a Tour of our Best Performing New Varieties

Join Syngenta Flowers technical experts Jamie Gibson, Ph.D. and Alicain Carlson, Ph.D. as they highlight our top performing new varieties and other essential genetics from trial sites around North America in this short webinar. Together these two industry aficionados will review Syngenta’s top trial performers via photos and videos compiled by our team from some of the most important regional trials and open house events in the industry.

About Our Trials

Syngenta extensively trials new varieties and our top performers throughout North America. In addition to our internal trialing, we use these strategically located trials to measure performance in real conditions. Our expert team of technical leads evaluates trials in person to make sure that varieties perform for growers and that they can provide region-specific guidance to our customers.

Use the map above to find and view our top performers for locations nearest to you.

Syngenta Flowers trial specialists in the field evaluating new varieties for growers, retailers, and brokers.