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Seeds New Varieties

Seed New Varieties

Explore what makes our seed new varieties so exceptional.

New Variety Vegetative

Vegetative New Varieties

Dig into these new series that add to your premium product line-up.

Delta™ Pro

Delta™ Pro Pansies Series

Produced for Precision.

  • One series simplifies planning
  • Quickest to finish
  • Unmatched uniformity
  • Maximum profitability
Zydeco series

Zydeco™ Zinnia

Let the good times bloom.


Bandolista™ Lantana

Baskets full of beauty.


Spectra™ Interspecific New Guinea Impatiens

Blooming Brightly™


Madinia® Dipladenia

The preferred dipladenia for every retail program.


FlashForward™ Spreading Petunia

The mini spreading petunia that plays well with others.


FotoFinish™ Spreading Petunia

Fastest to finish.

Succulents and Tropical Foliage

See our exciting new program of Succulents and Tropical Foliage plants.

Succulents Program

HI and Hana Bay™ Hydrangeas

The industry's hottest potted crop just got more innovative.

Vegetative Geranium

Vegetative Geranium

Our portfolio of zonal, ivy, and interspecific geraniums.



The perfect selection for mixed combinations and small pots.

Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers Program

Harvest your potential with Syngenta Flowers cut flowers.


Landscape Solutions

Elevate your landscape with award-winning genetics.


ThinkPlants® Perennials

Think Quality. Think Supply Chain. Think Perennials.

Power Brands

Power Brand: Calliope

Calliope® Geraniums

Intense Color That Lasts.
Power Brand: Tophat Begonia

Tophat™ Begonia

The biggest blooms and fastest finish put Tophat ahead of the pack!
Power Brand: Sunfinity Sunflower

Sunfinity® Sunflowers

Endless Blooms. All Season Long.
Power Brand:  Cora XDR Vinca

Cora® XDR Vinca

The vinca that fights back!

Imara® XDR Impatiens

Take back the shade!
Introducing Itsy Bitsy Mix from the Kwik Kombos program; New for 2022-2023.

Kwik Kombos™

Success without the guesswork.

Essential Collections

Essential Begonias

Essential Begonias

Discover solutions for begonia hybrida and begonia tuberhybrida


Delightful Dahlias

Don’t just choose any old Dahlia… these are the best of the best.

Seed Geranium

Essential Seed Geranium

50 years of market-leading F1 hybrid seed geraniums.


Essential Impatiens

A shade-loving garden favorite.


Essential Pansy

Reliable and programmable in any season.


Essential Petunia

All you need to know about our vast petunia portfolio, and how to fit any program!

Cyclamen Portfolio

Cyclamen | A legacy of innovation: Driven by excellence

Growers and retailers can choose from one of the broadest Cyclamen assortments in the market, offering different plant, flower and leaf types, adapted to their specific seasonal and production needs.

Perfect Patio and Garden Solutions


Vegetalis Vegetables

Grow Happy in small spaces and traditional vegetable gardens.


Mums New Varieties

Discover our 2023 new varieties for Garden and Pot Mums.