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HI Collection | Hydrangea Portfolio

HI Collection and Hana Bay Hydrangeas |  Bred for exceptional shelf life, extending value for end consumer

Syngenta Flowers was proud to announce their partnership with HI Breeding Company. These amazing balls of color, ranging from subtle pink, bright blue and crisp white, have exceptionally strong stems which make them easy to ship. These series have a long shelf life and will be sure to have great sell-through in the retail market. Who doesn't love hydrangeas?

They say a picture tells a thousand stories; this is true about Syngenta Flowers varieties. These pictures help paint the image of what you can expect from our award-winning performers. From landscape, containers and hanging baskets, you can expect the best.

Through vigorous trialing, we vet our new series for color, branching and garden vigor, making sure to bring only our winners to our customers.