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New for 2020-2021

Syngenta Flowers is pleased to present our 2020–2021 new variety seed annuals. This will prove to be another prolific year of genetic introductions, with the release of over 100 varieties from our vast breeding pipeline. Download the complete Seed New Variety Packet to learn more. Once again, you’ll see Syngenta Flowers introduce innovative breeding and demonstrate firsthand that our team is moving full-speed ahead, with grower efficiency and product performance as our focus.

With this, we are proud to introduce two new spreading Petunia series from seed: FotoFinish™ and FlashForward™. Both offer earliness and programmability as the most uniform series in their class for timing, habit, and garden fill. 

They say a picture tells a thousand stories; this is true about Syngenta Flowers varieties. These pictures help paint the image of what you can expect from our award-winning performers. From landscape, containers and hanging baskets, you can expect the best. Through vigorous trialing, we vet our new series for color, branching and garden vigor, making sure to bring only our winners to our customers.